The project is supported from the
 Swiss Contribution to Hungary

  provided by the   Swiss Agency for    Development and   Cooperation

Towards a sustainable fine chemical and pharmaceutical  industry:
Screening and re-utilization of carbon-rich liquid wastes
 - Pharmawater -   SH7/2/14

The documents of the project:

                Project summary                                                                     Projekt összefoglaló (in Hungarian)


1. A. Jobbágy, G. Tardy, P. Mizsey, L. Wojnárovits, E. Takács, A. Tungler  et al.:  
Towards a sustaniable fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry...(=>pdf)   

 2. E. Takács: Degradation of  pharmaceutical compounds in aqueous media by ionizing radiation (=>pdf)

 3. A. Tungler, A. Hosseini, Ch. Mounir, B. Pinke, P. Mizsey,
 Intensification of WAO, catalysis, parameter optimisation, ionizing radiation (=>pdf)

 4. L. Esquius,
 New progress in emergent pollutants degradation by UV photo assisted Fenton process, (=>pdf)

 5. Fenntartható finomkémiai és gyógyszeripar  (NFÜ monitorozás) (=>pdf)

6. S. Papoutsakis,
Evaluation of a coupled Ulrasound/solar photo-Fenton system for the treatment of selected contaminants

7. Hydroxyl radical induced degradation of aromatic molecules

1  A. M. Hosseini, A. Tungler, Zs.E. Horváth, Z. Schay, É. Széles:
Catalytic wet oxidation of real process wastewaters,
Periodica polytechnica (=>pdf)

2. A.M. Hosseini, V. Bakos, A. Jobbágy, G. Tardy, P. Mizsey, M. Makó, A. Tungler,
Co-treatment and utilisation of liquid pharmaceutical wastes,
Periodica Polytechnica, 55 (2011) 3-10. (=>pdf)

3. A. Tungler, A.M. Hosseini, Z. Schay, S. Szabó, J. Kristóf, É. Széles,
 Comparison of noble metal oxide/titanium monolith catalysts in wet oxidation of process wastewaters,