Digital signal processing in neutron coincidence counting

As participant of the ESARDA Non-Destructive Assay working group we developed list mode data acquisition hardware and a software package for data acquisition control and evaluating. The single channel PTR-02 instrument mimics the function of a traditional shift register while also creating a pulse train data file. The multichannel PTR-32 version saves also channel numbers of incoming pulses along with arrival time. This allows for several special functions like unfolding into channel files, subtraction of defect channel data etc. The multichannel device was tested at Los Alamos with good results. PTR-32 was compared with LMMM (LANL multichannel prototype) and JSR-15, a single channel instrument of Canberra. Comparison results were presented at the 2010 Safeguards Conference held in Vienna.

Virtual source

As a by-product of the list mode system we created a device for reproducing recorded impulse trains. The system consists of a hardware unit and a program running on a PC. The hardware unit outputs electrical impulses like a detector thus replaces a large, hard-to-move detector and a nuclear source by a small, easily transportable piece of hardware. It can be used for training of inspectors, education and also as a test generator for checking shift registers or list mode units. For educational use a three-level exercise plan has been developed from basic level up to a complete measuring exercise.

For more details see the leaflet in PDF format.

Virtual Source