Scientific scope

The workshop is organised with the support of the EU FP6 I3 European Facilities for Nuclear Data Measurements (EFNUDAT) project. The aim of the EFNUDAT Integrated Infrastructure Initiative project is to integrate European facilities for nuclear data measurements and to provide trans-national access to the facilities.

While the major objective of the EFNUDAT collaboration is the invesigation of nuclear reactions with neutrons of different energies, from cold to fast, this workshop will focus on nuclear data measurements using slow and resonance neutrons, their applications to the development of nuclear reactors, their waste managements and the development of theoretical models of excitation and deexcitation. Presentations of facilities, experimental setups, and new data acquisition systems are also welcome.


The workshop is meant to stimulate intensive exchange of knowledge and ideas. Invited international experts will provide overview of the main topics. Participating post-doctoral fellows and PhD students are encouraged to present their works.