It is our pleasure to announce the 26th Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry to be held in Keszthely, a baroque town located at Lake Balaton in Hungary, between August 28 and September 2, 2009. This anniversary meeting (the first Miller was organized in 1950) will be held in a town that is especially suitable to make the participants feel the friendly atmosphere not only during the sessions but also during the time of relaxation. The Symposium will be held in Hotel Helikon situated directly on the shore. It has 232 rooms, each with balcony offering nice view on Europe's largest freshwater lake. See more pictures here.

hotel photo

Keszthely is about 190 km from Budapest and about the same distance from Vienna. Keszthely is about 10 km distance from a small town called Héviz. Here is the world's biggest warm-water lake where bathing is possible throughout the year.

Best regards, Erzsebet and Laszlo