Scientific programme

Last updated on 31 July 2009

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Friday, August 28 2009

14:00-19:00      Registration

19:00                Welcome dinner

21:00                Session I                                                                          Chair: James F. Wishart

Ortwin Brede, S. Naumov (Germany)

Free electron transfer – relations between molecule dynamics and reaction kinetics



Saturday, August 29 2009

08:30          Session II Early career scientists                      Chair: Mélanie Spotheim-Maurizot

Shinichi Yamashita, Y. Katsumura, T. Maeyama, M. Lin, Y. Muroya, T. Murakami, (Japan) J. Meesungnoen, J.-P. Jay-Gerin (Canada)

Water radiolysis with heavy ions

Guy Yardeni, I. Zilbermann, E. Maimon, L. Kats, H. Cohen, D. Meyerstein (Israel)

Redox reactions of cerium complexes in aqueous solutions

Maria Vyushkova, V. A. Bagryansky, Y. N. Molin (Russia)

Peculiarities of proton transfer reaction of sterically hindered amine radical cations studied by optically detected EPR in irradiated solutions

Alexey V. Kobzarenko, I. A. Baranova, I. V. Tyulpina, V. I. Feldman (Russia)

Radiation-induced transformations of acetylenic hydrocarbons in solid noble gas matrices

Angel Contreras-García, E. Bucio (Mexico), C. A.-Lorenzo, A. Concheiro (Spain)

Synthesis of novel stimuli responsive copolymer containing NIPAAm and APMA onto PP films by one step γ-ray irradiation

Richard M. Watson, W. A. Bernhard (USA)

Novel analytical technique to study nucleobase influence on DNA strand breaks caused by direct ionizing radiation

Andrej Maroz, S. Shinde, W. A. Denny, B. D. Palmer, R. F. Anderson (New Zeland)

Release of nitrite from the antitubercular bioreductive drug PA-824 and analogs upon one-electron reduction in protic, low dielectric medium

Ioana Stanculescu, M. Cutrubinis, C. D. Negut, I. V. Moise (Romania)

In silico study of cellulose radicals produced by gamma irradiation


10:30                Coffee break

11:00                Session III                                                                       Chair: Róbert Schiller

David Bartels (USA

Hydrated electron absorption in high temperature water: is oscillator strength conserved?

Joseph Rabani (Israel)

The nature of holes in carbon doped titania

13:00                Lunch break

17:00                Session IV                                                                       Chair: Israel Zilbermann

Nicolas Green, A. Agarwal (UK)

Competition between ion recombination and scavenging

18:00                Dinner

19:30                Session V                                                                        Chair: Vladimir Feldman

Mehran Mostafavi (France)

Scavenging of es- and OH. radicals in concentrated acidic aqueous solutions. A new mechanism for reactivity of UV in acidic solution

Masanori Tachiya (Japan)

Stochastic treatment of exciton decay dynamics in quantum dots and nanotubes



Sunday, August 30

08:30                Session VI                                                                       Chair: Yury Molin

Dan Meyerstein (Israel)

Reactions of radicals at surfaces: radicals on powders and nano-particles in aqueous suspensions

Mohammad Haji-Saeid, A. Safrany, M.H.O. Sampa, N. Ramamoorthy (IAEA)

IAEA role in radiation technology support for advanced materials development and cleaner industrial processes

10:30                Coffee break

11:00                Session VII                                                                     Chair: Mats Jonsson

Salvatore Emmi, B. Esposito, M. Saracino (Italy)

Cleaning water by AOPs: an update

Bumsoo Han, J. K. Kim, Y. R. Kim (Republic of Korea), N. Zommer (USA)

Wastewater treatment with electron beam

13:00                Lunch break

14:00                Organized trip to visit the city (optional)

18:00                Dinner

19:30                Poster Session



Monday August 31

08:30                Session VIII                                                                    Chair: Simon Pimblott

Ian Carmichael (USA), E. F. Garman (UK)

Radiation damage: from amino acids to proteins

Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu (Italy)

Tautomerism in the guanyl radical and related systems

10:30                Cofee break

11:00                Session IX                                                                       Chair: Elspeth F. Garman

Melanie Spotheim-Maurizot, S. Goffinont, D. Genest (France), M. Davidkova (Czech Republic)

Radiation-induced damage to DNA-protein complexes

Krzysztof Bobrowski (Poland)

Radiation induced reactions involving sulfur-centered radicals

13:00                Lunch break

15:00                Conference outing to Castle Sümeg



Tuersday September 1

08:30                Session X                                                                        Chair: Mohamad Al-Sheikhly

J. Dzierzawska, S. Kadlubowski, A. Kaszubska, J. Komasa, A. K. Olejnik, B. Rokita, K. Sobczyk, Piotr Ulanski, R. A. Wach, J. M. Rosiak (Poland), D. Grijpma (The Netherlands), P. Lenas (Spain)

Application of radiation for synthesis, modification and sterilization of polymeric biomaterials

John M. Warman, M. P. de Haas, Le. H. Luthjens (The Netherlands)

Radio-fluorogenic co-polymerization: a new (chemical) method of dose monitoring and imaging


10:30                Coffee break

11:00                Session XI                                                                       Chair: Peter O’Neill

Yuri Berlin (USA)

Charge transport in dynamic DNA

Virender K. Sharma, R. A. Yngard (USA)

Reactivity of oxyiron (VI, V, and VI) with inorganic and organic compounds in aqueous solution: pulse radiolysis studies

13:00                Lunch break

18:00                Dinner

19:30                Session XII                                                                     Chair: Eberhard Janata

Xavier Coqueret, M. Krzeminski, M. Molinari, M. Troyon (France)

Quantitative and multiscale assessment of network structure in UV- and EB-polymerized multiacrylates

Mohamad Al-Sheikhly, J. Silverman (USA)

The synthesis of polymer nano-hydrogels using pulsed electron beams



Wednesday September 2

07:00                Breakfast

09:00                Departure of transfer bus to Budapest