Linear electron accelerator LINAC LPR-4

  • The linear electron accelerator of LINAC LPR-4 type (constructed by the Czechoslovak firm TESLA V.T.) was put into operation in 1983.
  • The accelerator produces pulsed electron radiation with an average energy of 4 MeV. The nominal pulse length can be set to 2.6 μs, 800 ns or - using a separate electrostatic deflection system - 80 ns. The repetition frequency of the electron pulses are selectable between 6.25 and 50 Hz, but single pulse can also be fired by an external trigger signal.
  • The accelerator is equipped with a computer controlled data acquisition system for pulse radiolysis experiments, enabling also reaction kinetics studies.
  • The accelerator and the pulse radiolysis system are operated at the Department of Radiation Chemistry.