Welcome to the Institute of Isotopes

Accoding to the decree 7/2011.(XII.5.) of the general assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Isotopes and KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute form a new research center from 1st January 2012. The new website of the Centre for Energy Research is accessible at www.energia.mta.hu. The present www.iki.kfki.hu website will be operational for some time, but will not be updated anymore.


The Institute of Isotopes in Budapest is a research institution of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Our mission is to conduct internationally recognized scientific research in the fields of:
  • interaction of radiation with matter (including neutrons, gamma-rays and electrons),
  • isotope and nuclear chemistry,
  • radiation chemistry,
  • radiation protection and nuclear security,
  • chemical reaction kinetics, and
  • heterogeneous catalysis.
In addition, the Institute
  • is involved in higher education (both at gradual and post-gradual levels),
  • provides expertise and services to national authorities and other customers
  • performs targeted R&D projects.

The Institute's activities in the fields of scientific research, expert services and performing special measurements are accredited according to the ISO 9001:2009 quality management standard.