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Hungarian Academy of Sciences: we are one of the research institues of the Academy
The KFKI campus: this where the Institute is located

On-site partners:

  • Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd Production of radioactive pharmaceuticals and sealed sources; providing facilities (hot cells, water ponds etc.) for safe handling and transport of radioactive sources. Before 1992, the company and the Institute had been the same organisation, recently we are tied in fields of the joint maintenance, isotope production, and various services.
  • IZINTA Ltd.  Commerce and transport of radioactive and other material. Established for trading the of isotope products of the Institute in 1984, later became  a more independent organisation (as an Ltd.) in 1993.
  • Atomic Energy Research Institute (AEKI) Operates the nuclear research reactor at the Budapest Neutron Center - essential for the prompt-gamma activation studies.

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