Welcome to the Department of Radiation Chemistry

The main activity of the Department is the study of the kinetics and mechanism of high energy radiation induced reactions such as polymerization, grafting (synthetic and natural polymers e.g. cellulose), polymer degradation, degradation of organic pollutants in water (wastewater treatment), to determine the parameters for the radiation induced synthesis of polymers with special properties. The aim is determine the radiation sensitivity of materials and to optimize the parameters for technological applications of ionizing radiation.

The infrastructure is mainly used for studying the following areas:
  • Polymerization reactions of acrylate type monomers in dilute solutions. The aim of this research is to establish the theoretical basis for practical applications e.g. radiation crosslinking of polymers, hydrogel synthesis, surface coating, radiation grafting.
  • Destruction of water pollutants e.g. textile dyes, water soluble aromatic hydrocarbons. This research is connected with the environmental protection.
  • Functional polymer monoliths, micro- and nanoshperes (for separation, purification, diagnostics, therapy)
  • Smart nanogels (targeted drug delivery)
  • Multifunctional surfaces (cell culture)
Belier Barbara Takacs Erzsebet Foldvari Csilla Magdolna Hargittai Peter Palfi Tamas Wojnarovits Laszlo Safrany Agnes