Services offered by the Institute of Isotopes

The Institute of Isotopes provides technical assistance related to its research activities and in other nuclear-related tasks, such as:

  • National registry of radioactive materials More
  • Identification and characterisation of nuclear material of unknown origin (nuclear forensics) More
  • Safeguards verification of nuclear materials More
  • Evaluation of license applications for packaging and transport of radioactive material More
  • Organizing and coordinating irradiation programs at hungarian irradiation facilities More
  • Studies of radiation resistance of materials and equipments
The tasks related to the national registry of radioisotopes, nuclear forensic investigations and expert advice on isotope storage and transport have been assigned to the Institute of Isotopes by Hungarian national legislation, mainly to support the activities of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority.

Services for the general public are offered to customers who can benefit from the research infrastructure and expertise available at the Institute.