Photoelectron spectrometry

ES-300- for model catalysts

ES-300 ES-300 photoelectron spectrometer is used for X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), UV-photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS) and Auger electron spectroscopy (AES). The apparatus is equipped with dual anode X-ray source (AlKa and MgKa), He (I) and He (II) UV source and Auger gun. Static or rastering argon ion guns with different energies are applied for sample cleaning. An in situ atmospheric pressure reaction chamber is attached to the apparatus for treatment of catalyst in reaction mixture or in various gases. The gas composition during measurements is monitored by quadrupole mass spectrometer.

XAMSpci-for real catalysts

XAMSpci KRATOS instrument type XAMSpci is applied for more sophisticated high performance XPS measurements. This XPS is equipped with two X-ray sources, one is the conventional dual anode system and the other is equipped with a monochromator. The monochromatic X-ray has a much narrower energy range; thus satellite and EEL peaks can be reduced. The machine is equipped with flood gun for charge neutralization, XYZ manipulator and a rastering minibeam system for sample cleaning. An atmospheric reaction chamber is attached for in situ catalytic works. working under UHV condition. The main chamber includes AES and LEED optics, XYZ heatable manipulator, argon ion gun, QMS, transfer capsule and various sample manipulator roads. The main chamber is connected by gate valve to an other chamber equipped with RHK STM head. The transfer capsule makes possible to develop a network of STM - XPS for a comprehensive analysis of practical samples.

The equipments are operated by the Department of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis.