Welcome to the Department of Radiation Safety

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The Department consists of four Sections: Nuclear-, Dosimetry-, Radioactive Material Registry Sections
and ICP-MS Mass Spectrometry Laboratory.
The main research fields and related activities are the following (see also: Research at the Department of Radiation Safety).

Nuclear section

Dosimetry section>

  • Chemical dosimetry
  • Solid state dosimetry
  • Environmental and personal dosimetry
  • Accidental and reactor dosimetry
  • Radiation processing dosimetry
  • Dosimetry control at industrial high activity gamma and at high energy electron irradiation facilities
  • Radiation protection services

Radioactive Material Registry Section

  • Hungarian national registry of radioactive materials. The database contains all radioactive materials produced in or imported to Hungary since the beginning (1954) of the domestic use of artificial radioactive products.
  • Software development for the national registry.

ICP-MS Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Main activities:
  • Analysis of confiscated nuclear material. Determination of isotopics of uranium and other actinides, analysis of impurities, determination of production date. (Nuclear forensics)
  • Analysis of safeguards swipe samples.
  • Analysis of long-lived radionuclides in environmental samples in ultra-trace amount.
  • Direct analysis of solid samples and micrometer size particles by Laser Ablation ICP-MS technique.
  • Multielemental analysis of different sample types (e.g. environmental, geological).
Sample types:
  • uranium bearing material (uranium ore, uranium-oxide pellets, etc.)
  • confiscated nuclear materials
  • swipe samples for nuclear safeguards purposes
  • environmental samples (soil, plant, ground water, sea water, etc.)
  • geological and archeological samples