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István Almási almi.i 3342 nuclear Research scientist
János Bagi jbagi 3119 nuclear Research scientist
Lajosné Baranyai mbaranyai 3164 nuclear Technician
Tamás Bíró biro 3162 - Scientific advisor
Kornél Fél felk 1220 ICP-MS Junior research scientist
Zoltán Hlavathy hlavathy 3335 nuclear Research scientist
József Huszti huszti 3339 Registry, Nuclear Research scientist
Ilona Kaposi kaposi 3286 nuclear Research scientist
Róbert Katona rkatona 3171 ICP-MS Research scientist
András Kelemen kelemen 3339 dosimetry Senior research scientist
András Kovács akovacs 3164 dosimetry Senior research scientist, Department head
László Lakosi lakosi 3135 nuclear Scientific advisor, department deputy head
Hajnal Lukácsné-Bartha - - 1220, 3168 ICP-MS Technician
Zsuzsanna Mácsik macsik 1220 ICP-MS Junior research scientist
Dávid Mesterházy mesterhazydavid 1679 dosimetry Junior research scientist
Péter Nagy nagyp 3119 nuclear Junior research scientist
Cong Tam Nguyen tam 3342 nuclear Senior research scientist
Margit Osvay osvay 3142 dosimetry Senior research scientist
Éva Széles szeles 3171 ICP-MS Senior research scientist, head of the ICP-MS laboratory
Károly Szirmai szirmai 3235 - Technician
Zsolt Stefánka stefanka 1220 ICP-MS Senior research scientist
Károlyné Vadász vadasz 2530 dosimetry Technician
Zsolt Varga varga 1220 ICP-MS Research scientist
Árpad Veres veres 36-1-395-9229 - Scientific advisor
József Zsigrai zsigrai 1688 nuclear Senior research scientist