Lászlo Lakosi, Ph.D., D.Sc.

photo Scientific advisor, department deputy head

E-Mail ( @iki.kfki.hu ): lakosi
Phone : +36-1-392-2222 Ext. 3135
Office: Building 21, room 203

Main activities and responsibilities
  • Developing and applying methods for non-destructive assay in the field of safeguards an illicit trafficking of nuclear materials, including determination of nuclear material content of
    • fresh and spent reactor fuel
    • radioisotopic neutron sources (e. g. PuBe)
    • other materials of unknown origin,
  • Investigation of the photoexcitation of nuclear isomers of stable nuclides by use of high activity radiation sources, accelerator bremsstrahlung, X-rays, with applications in determining new data for nuclear spectroscopy and stellar nucleosynthesis.
Other information