1. Scientific papers

Over 3800 publications have been authored or co-authored by the Institute's researchers since the foundation of the Institute (from 1959). The overall Hirsh's index of the Institute is 54 as calculated from the ISI Web of Science database cumulated from publications since 1975. There are sixteen scientists in the institute who have more than hundred publications (see the members' list of the "Century Club")

 The institute's all collected publications can be retrieved from three lists:
   1. 1961 - 1980 (in PDF format)
   2. 1981 - 1992 (in PDF format)

The third list below contains the publications of the recent institute, collected from 1990 to the recent days. Publications are selected by year and by the department of the authors.

Remark: The Institute hosted two further departments earlier besides the current five, the Dept. of Chemical Physics and Dept. of Spectroscopy. Their publications are also included in the list below. From 2009 on, the successor of the Catalysis and Tracer Studies Depertment is called Department of Radionuclide Applications

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Catalysis and Tracer Studies
Radionuclide Applications
Nuclear Research
Radiation Chemistry
Radiation Safety
Surface Chemistry and Catalysis

2. Other publications

The Insititute pursues a publishing activity by it's own, too.

The Hungarian journal IZOTÓPTECHNIKA (1971 -1989) and later, IZOTÓPTECHNIKA, -DIAGNOSZTIKA (from 1989) (ISSN 0865-0497) had provided good means for promoting the applications of new methods and techniques using radioisotopes in science, industry and nuclear medicine. Having the 37th volume published in 1994, the publication of the journal was suspended in 1995.

There are non-regular publications as well: e.g. Transmutation of actinoid isotopes with particles of energies in GeV range (with respect to spallation, nuclear waste, production of electric power) by Árpád Veres, IKI-2002-01, 25 pages (in Hungarian).

In addition, the Institute issues experts'reports on the application and safety aspects of nuclear materials. The preparation of these reports is promoted principally by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority.

Some recent issues:
  • N.C. Tam., J. Bagi, J. Zsigrai, L. Lakosi: Active, interrogative study of U-samples using Am-Li neutron source (2003), 22 pages, in Hungarian(Summary in English)
  • N.C. Tam, J. Bagi, E. Serf, L. Lakosi: Determination of the Pu content of Pu-Be neutron sources by non-destructive, passive methods (2003), 37 pages, in Hungarian,(Summary in English)
  • Zs. Révay: Analysis of samples containing uranium by the method of Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis (2003), 22 pages, in Hungarian (Summary in English)