N.C. Tam, J. Bagi, J. Zsigrai, L. Lakosi: Active, interrogative study of U-samples by using Am-Li neutron source


The primary aim of the study was to develop an active, non-destructive method for the detection and determination of the amount of U in U-containing samples. The method is based on the coincidence detection of fission neutrons generated in the U by a neutron source. The performance of the Am-Li neutron source surpasses that of the previously evaluated Pu-Be and Am-Be sources, due to the lack of the simultaneous (n,2n) process that appears in Be.

For example, an Am-Li source may provide a neutron output of 5.5 * 105 n/s as determined by the neutron collar detector developed by us earlier. Applying an appropriate calibration, the method is capable of revealing and determining the U content in a heavily shielded material with a sensitivity of 0.7 cps/g-235U.