András Kovács, Ph.D.


Senior research scientist, head of the department

E-Mail ( ): akovacs
Phone : +36-1-392-2528, +36-1-392-2222 Ext. 3164
Office: Building 22/A, floor 1, room 204

Main activities and responsibilities
  • Gamma and electron pulse radiolysis of liquid and solid state chemical dosimetry systems.
  • Operation and safety of laboratory- and pilot scale gamma irradiation facilities.
  • Chemical analysis of hydrocarbons and liquid and solid phase dosimetry systems using gas chromatography, spectrophotometry, oscillometry, conductometry and fluorimetry.
  • Application of liquid and solid state dosimetry systems for calibration, commissioning of gamma and electron irradiation facilities, process and product validation and routine process control in gamma and electron processing.
Other information