The Institute of Isotopes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • performs research on the interaction of radiation with matter, nuclear security and on the application of radioisotopes (including catalysis)
  • participates in education (graduate and PhD)
  • provides expertise and services for national authorities and the general public
  • The Institute is led by the Director (presently László Wojnárovits).
  • The work of the Director is supported by the Institute's advisory boards: Scientific Council and Director's Council.
  • The scientific research work is pursued in five departments.
  • The maintenance of the Institute's facilities and services is provided by the Maintenance Department in cooperation with the Management Company of the KFKI campus.
  • There is a library located at the Institute's main building with a collection of books and journals mostly related to nuclear and catalytic literature
  • An organisational chart can be found here. (Presently only available in Hungarian)
Basic numbers (as of 2009)
  • The number of research fellows is ca. 50, out of the total of 92 staff members.
  • The total nominal annual budget of the Institute amounts to ~ 628 million HUF / year. (With wages included - this sum corresponds to c.a. 2.2 million € ).
Description of the Institute