Remembering the 50 years of the Institute

The Institute celebrates its 50-years anniversary in 2009. For this special occasion, a dedicated scientific session has been organized at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, on 9. November 2009, with the title "Research in innovative environment: 50 years of the Institute of Isotopes".

Session chair: Kálmán Medzihradszky, head of the Chemistry division of the HAS

Distinguished contributors:
  • József Pálinkás, head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • József Rónaky, director general of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority
  • János Gadó, director of the Atomic Energy Research Institute (AEKI)
  • Olli Heinonen, IAEA deputy director general
  • Balogh Ildikó, head of the Hungarian Nuclear Medicine Society (MONT)

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