International projects

Recent multilateral project:

EU FP7-212287 ReCosy CP (Redox Phenomena Controlling Systems, 2008 - 2012) The basic task of the project is to study various redox processes which may influence the migration of multivalent long half-life radiounuclides in geological media with respect to establishing high level nuclear waste repository sites. 32 participants are involved in the project on a total budget of 6249 k€. Detaled information can be found on the home page of the project.

Earlier multilateral projects:

  • PHARE ACCORD H-9112-0338 (1993-1996, Novel methods for the preparation of nanostructured systems: their characterization and evaluation as heterogeneous catalysts, 70.000 ECU)
  • PECO EU-FP3 Joule II (1994-1995, Development of Catalysts of deep hydrodesulfurization of fuel for diesel engines, 111.000 ECU).
  • COST CIPE CT 92 6107 (1995- 1998, Non-conventional preparation of novel uniform zeolite and supported catalysts)
  • IAEA CRP (1995 - 2000, Extrapolation of short term observations to time periods relevant to the isolation of long lived radioactive waste)
  • EU-FP6 EURATOM Integrated Project FUNMIG (Fundamental processes of radionuclide migration, 2005 - 2008).  51 participants were involved in the project on a total budget of 8000 k € . Further details can be found on the project's home page, our participation is described in detail in the Research topics section.

Earlier bilateral projects

  • CAV - HAS J. Heyrovsky Institute, Prague: Location of iron in molecular sieve matrices, 1998 - 2000
  • CNRS - HAS LACCO UMR C6503 at Poitiers University Study of Ir base catalysts with different crystallite size of different preparations), 2000 - 2001
  • Kemijski Institut, Zagreb, Slovenia, Characterisation of iron modified nanoporous silicates, 2007 - 2009.

National projects

Recent projects

  • OTKA T68414 (2007 - 2010): Synthesis and characterisation of micro/mesoporous composite ferrisilicates
  • NKTH BONUS-HU ReCosyII  (2009 - 2013) Hungarian co-funding for the promotion of the participation in the EU-FP7 ReCosy project
  • OTKA T81863 (2010-2014): Enabling the in beam Mössbauer facility  to  perform  low temperature measurements, and application  for studying modified noble metal catalysts

Earlier projects:

  • OTKA 32249 (2000-2003) Study of change in oxidation states on framework substituted ions in zeolites
  • OMFB 1919/2002 KMA (2002- 2004) Construction of an in beam Mössbauer equipment with neutron activation
  • OTKA 37241 (2002 - 2005): The process of formation of the active centres on metal catalysts
  • OTKA F46216 (2004 - 2007): Preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide in presence of hydrogen (PROX)