for the Handbook of Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis
Last updated in 3/19/2008.

  • Page xii, Reference for (IAEA 2004) is:

CHOI, H.D., FIRESTONE, R.B., LINDSTRON, R.M., MOLNÁR, G.L., HUGHABGHAB, S.F., PAVIOTTI-CORCUERA, R., RÉVAY,ZS., TRKOV,A., ZERKIN,V., CHUNMEI, Z., 2007, Database of Prompt Gamma Rays from Slow Neutron Capture for Elemental Analysis, (IAEA: Vienna),

Chapter 1: Principles of the PGAA method

Zsolt Révay and Tamás Belgya

  • Page 13 after Equation (6)

σ is elemental capture cross-section

  • Page 20 after Equation (21)

f is the thermal to epithermal flux ratio, while cadmium ratio is the ratio of count rates, as can be seen on page 33.

Chapter 2: Beams and Facilities

Richard M. Lindstrom and Zsolt Révay

  • Additions to Table 3 on page 49:

Rez, Czech Republic,  thermal guide: J. Honzatko, I.  Tomandl, in Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics: 10th Intl. Symp, S. Wender, Ed. (Am. Inst. Physics, Melville, NY, 2000), pp. 749-750.

Bariloche, Argentina,  500 kW reactor, flux 107: F. Sanchez, O. Calzetta, H. Blaumann, in International conference on research reactor utilization, safety, decommissioning, fuel and waste management, Santiago, Chile, (IAEA, Vienna, 2003), pp. 26-27.

 Garching, Germany, FRM-II reactor, cold guide, under construction: P. Kudějová, T. Materna, J. Jolie, A. Türler, P. Wilk, S. Baechler, Z. Kasztovszky, Z. Révay, and T. Belgya, J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem. 265, 221-227 (2005).

 PGNAA spectrometer on HWRR at China Institute of Atomic Energy: L. Zhang, B. Ni, W. Tian, D. Huang, G. Zhang, C. Liu, P. Wang, L. Liu, and D. Li, Status and development of prompt γ-ray neutron activation analysis, Atomic Energy Science and Technology 39, 282-288 (2005; in Chinese).

Chapter 4: Gamma-ray spectrometry

Tamás Belgya and Zsolt Révay

  • On page 80, Equation (1): Wt is not squared
  • Page 99, Reference for (Wapstra 1979) is: WAPSTRA, A.H., 1979, Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-ray Spectroscopy, 5th Edition, (North-Holland: Amsterdam, New York, Oxford), Vol. I, Chapter: VIII/C, p. 539–555.
  • Page 100, Reference for (Gardner 2000) is: GARDNER, R.P., MAYO, C.W., EL-SAYYED, E. S., METWALLY, W.A., ZHENG, Y., POEZART, M., 2000, Appl. Radiat. Isotop. 53, 515-526.

Chapter 7: Prompt Gamma-Ray Spectrum Catalog

Zsolt Révay, Richard B. Firestone, Tamás Belgya, Gábor L. Molnár

  • The first few lines, printed erroneously on page 173, are correctly the following:
Zsolt Révay1, Richard B. Firestone2, Tamás Belgya1, Gábor L. Molnár1
1Institute of Isotope and Surface Chemistry, Chemical Research Center, Budapest, Hungary
2Isotopes Project, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, USA


The spectra and the tables presented in this chapter are the result of many years of experiments in Budapest followed by a thorough evaluation performed in at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our goal has been to provide a data library that is based mainly on measurements performed using a single, well-calibrated, experimental setup in one laboratory. Common systematic errors, which we strived to minimize, often cancel when comparing the measurements, unlike comparisons of measurements from different laboratories. The data from the literature are also included for completeness in the evaluated dataset; however their intensities were normalized to the experimental data measured in Budapest.

  • Page 174, References Chunmei (2000, 2001a,b) are:

CHUNMEI, Z., 2000, Thermal Neutron Capture Data for A=1-25, (IAEA: Vienna), http://www-nds.ipen.br/reports/indc-cpr-051.pdf .

CHUNMEI, Z. and FIRESTONE, R.B., 2001, Thermal Neutron Capture Data for A=26-35, (IAEA: Vienna), http://www-nds.ipen.br/reports/indc-cpr-054.pdf.

CHUNMEI, Z., 2001, Thermal Neutron Capture Data Update and Revision for Some Nuclides with A > 190, (IAEA: Vienna), http://www-nds.ipen.br/reports/indc-cpr-055.pdf .

  • Page 384, data for 108mAg are correctly the following:

47     Ag    108   (109.4) 418(21)y         ε (91.3%)   723, 434, 614
                                                            IT(8.7%)   79

  • A corrected version of the spectrum drawing for the room background can be found here.
  • Live times in spectra:

1: H – Page 196. Live time: 3889 s.
11: Na – Page 216. Live time: 3909 s.
20: Ca – Page 234. Live time: 231,858 s.
21: Sc – Page 236. Live time: 16,518 s.
25: Mn – Page 244. Live time: 39,000 s.
43: Tc – Page 280. Live time: 198,057 s.
50: Sn – Page 294. Live time: 54,149 s.
57: La – Page 308. Live time: 9733 s.
65: Tb – Page 322. Live time: 18,459 s.

  • 10: Ne – Page 215.

    20Ne: 33(4) mb                        21Ne:1.8(3) mb                        22Ne: 4.2(6) mb

CD Supplement to Prompt Gamma-Ray Spectrum Catalog

Zsolt Révay, Richard B. Firestone, Tamás Belgya, Gábor L. Molnár

  • 48: Cd

In the PGAA spectrum of natural cadmium only the lines from A=113 can be seen.