Jesse L. Weil

Jesse Weil

Personal data

Name: Jesse Leo Weil, PhD
Nationality: United States
Name of employer: Hungarian Academy of Science, Institute of Isotopes
Position: Scientific advisor

Phone: +36-1-392-2222 Ext. 2538


Postal address: Department of Nuclear Research, Institute of Isotopes, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-1525 Budapest, P.O. Box 77., HUNGARY
Street address: KFKI Campus, 29-33 Konkoly-Thege Miklós street, Budapest, Hungary. Building XVII/A, Room 207.


1952 B.Sc., Physics, Caltech
1956 Ph.D., Experimental Nuclear Physics, Columbia

Research interests

My major experimental work at this time is the investigation of the neutron capture cross section and the level structure of 99Tc, a long-lived radioactive waste product from reactors. Besides the basic physics interests, it's capture cross section is needed to plan how to burn it up in some future waste disposal facility. I'm using neutron capture measurements at the KFKI reactor in Budapest, as well as particle transfer experiments in Munich to get the needed information. I continue to have an interest in the level structure of the even-A tin isotopes 116,120,124Sn and in the buildup of light elements for nuclear astrophysics.

Recent Papers

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