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Full-featured version of Hypermet-PC 5.12

This version of Hypermet-PC is without any restrictions (1 January, 2008). Please read the licence agreement before downloading.

File: HYPC512.ZIP (File size: 2.6 MB, date: 24 July 1997) 

Installation instructions: Unzip the content of the downloaded file into a temporary directory. Run SETUP.EXE and follow instructions on screen.

A converter utility for new Canberra CAM format

At the time when the HYPC code was written, Canberra used a former specification of CNF files. This has been modified recently, and the new files are only accessible through the preinstalled Genie VDM, which is a Windows driver. This driver cannot be used by a DOS based program like Hypermet. Therefore you might be unable to load the recently acquired CNF files to Hypermet properly.

To solve this incompatibility, a converter utility is available that transforms the contents of the CNF files to S100 MCA format (this is the primary file type of Hypermet). The program supports the conversion of the spectrum (up to 16k channels), the energy calibration, acquisition date and time, live and true time and a comment string up to 26 characters. You can use the resulting MCA file to evaluate with Hypermet.


Installation instructions: Unzip the content of the downloaded file into a temporary directory. Please find the steps of the installation here.

Help file in Windows-format 

The content of this help file is identical with its DOS version. Describes procedures, menus, user screens, report formats, routine tasks etc. The file is provided for the users for convenient reading and printing.

File: HYPDOS.HLP (File size: 220 KB, date: 4 Apr 1997)

Installation instructions: Double-click on the downloaded file under Windows. The help file automatically opens. Use Search menu to find a specific topic.

User's Guide in PDF format

This file contains the complete User's Guide in Adobe Acrobat format. It describes routine tasks, that are needed for peak fitting, ADC quality test, detector nonlinearity, efficiency and resolution determination, qualitative nuclide identification. The document contains descriptive text and screen outputs for each task.

File: HYPTUR50.PDF (File size: 485 KB, date: 10 Oct 1997) 

Download instructions: If you have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-in, the document will load in into your browser. Otherwise, you should specify the file name to save this guide.  

Example spectra, peak lists, Quality Assurance files

These files are also part of the demo version. Hypermet-PC is able to create e.g. an absolute intensity calibrated detector efficiency curve from these spectrum files automatically after fitted them - without manual adjustment. We provide 20 spectra with corresponding peak list-, fitting log- and energy calibration files. The pack also contains system nonlinearity, detector efficiency and FWHM calibration log files, as well as 2 pulser spectra for ADC test purposes. (The collection contains NAA spectra taken by A. Simonits of AEKI)

File: H50EXAMS.ZIP (File size: 750 KB, date: 4 Apr 1997)

Installation instructions: Unzip the content of the downloaded file into your spectrum directory. Run your spectrum evaluation program or Hypermet-PC to evaluate these spectra.

  • These files are also provided with the demo version. If you have downloaded the demo, you should not download them again.
  • If you are using a pre-5.0 version of Hypermet-PC, please upgrade before trying Quality Assurance files. (In fact, older versions may crash because the format of these files has been changed.)

Legacy hardware-key drivers (for Hypermet-PC 5.0 and above)

The copies of Hypermet-PC version 5 delivered before 2004 need a parallel-port hardware key (a.k.a. dongle) to run. In general, hardware key functions very well without any prior setting. However, on Windows NT and XP systems users have to install a system driver to operate the hardware key. If you experience problems with your hardware key using other operating system, try to install appropriate driver software.

Further information on Sentinel hardware keys and for the newest drivers please visit http://www.rainbow.com.

  • KEY_XP.EXE (Windows XP. Size: 5100 KB, date: 5 Oct 2005)
  • KEY_NT.ZIP (Windows NT. Size: 100 KB, date: 4 Apr 1997)
  • KEY_W95.ZIP (Windows 95. Size: 78 KB, date: 4 Apr 1997)
  • KEY_W31.ZIP (Windows 3.1. Size: 56 KB, date: 4 Apr 1997)
Installation instructions: Unzip the content of the downloaded file into a temporary directory. Follow instructions in README.TXT file.

True color icon for Windows XP


File:  HYPC_NEW.ICO (File size: 25 KB, date: 19 Dec 2004)

Download instruction: Right-click on the link above or on the image, and choose Save target as...